Cockroaches on Tour 2k14!


Still smarting from being duped into bringing my family back to Woldia and everything that happened thereafter, we headed off to the lake side city of Hawassa for some much needed R and R before the girls went home finally. Having suffered enough, we elected to take the “luxury” bus there, which as it happens saw us imprisoned in a hot, smelly, uncomfortable bus for 5 hours that had cockroaches crawling out of every orifice in the upholstery.

It gives me immense pleasure then to report that the time we spent in Hawassa was uneventful and in fact extremely enjoyable which makes for a much shorter blog entry! 😀

We went for a boat ride to meet a baby hippo, we saw many amazing birds, we ate and drank foreign food, did some retail therapy and relaxed ourselves greatly 😀

And on this happy chapter so ends the chronicles of the Healy family trip to Ethiopia, Christmas 2013.

How can I ever thank my family enough for giving up a comfortable, content, safe, familiar, relaxing, enjoyable Christmas at home to instead spend their holiday being force fed injera and informed of how clever/gobez and beautiful/konjo I am at every turn?

Not an inexpensive trip (but I’m worth it). Not an easy trip (but nothing worth doing is ever easy). But an altogether fantastic trip with memories of a lifetime made, to cherish forever ❤
Thank you to my wonderful family! Xxx


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  1. Yes, you’re worth it, Aisling! Thanks for the latest chronicle and the lovely photos – all gobez and konjo and a lovely read. Love Noelle and all xxx

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