I got mail!


Something wonderful happened last week, I got mail!

I am a little suspicious as all the mail from different people arrived on the very same day and at least one of the packages had been opened and crudely put back together…but then again it could just as easily have been Yvonne Lulias’s poor  parcelling skills 😉

It’s amazing what this will do for your mood when you arrive home after a long Ethiopian day at work! Thank you friends!


If anyone else wants to chance the Ethiopian postal system my address is:

Aisling Healy

P.O. Box 361


North Wollo

Amhara Region


We estimate it took six weeks for it to get here 🙂


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  1. It would be interesting to see what actually happens to it! Having been here for three months I think I can hazard a safe enough guess that it arrives to Ethiopia in a few days then sits in a store somewhere for four weeks for no apparent reason before they release it again!

  2. Hi Aisling
    i have replied before but got no response,
    are you getting this
    imagine june starts tomorrow and i am going home on holiday in a month to grey complaining ireland.

    I have been working really hard here and things are going pretty good

    where i am has the best climate in cambodia although there is quite a bit of heavy rain..unlike ethopia

    have they made you a queen yet because you have a queen like presence

    love from indochina

    • John! I always reply to you! And I have been thinking about you off and on all the time wondering how you are getting on. We haven’t had a drop of rain here for ages and it is really uncomfortable cos there’s no bloody water either 😦 rainy season is starting in a few weeks though by all accounts so i will probably be wishing for the sun again- never happy! I am still merely a princess here. How are you getting on? Is it tough? Do you like it? Etc etc etc. let me know it all!

      Lots of love from Ethiopia 🙂 X

  3. Hi Aisling, just a few lines to say hello and hoping you are well. I wonder if the CD that I sent you ever arrived.? I hope you are keeping well . I am still following your blog. It arrives automatically in my email box. As you probably know,we have had very hot weather here. It probably doesn’t compare with Woldia,but ,for me, it was too hot. It is cooling down for the past day or two. I was in Miltown Malbay for the Willie Clancy Summer School for 4 days. I left a day early ,due to the heat,but I enjoyed my time there and heard a wonderful harp recital one afternoon. I fell last week and damaged my wrist. I am going to see my physiotherapist tomorrow and hope to be fit to drive to Dublin for a few days at the weekend. I had to cancel the trip last week. I send you lots of good wishes from here and hope all is well with you at present,Aisling. Love, Joan. xx

    Date: Tue, 7 May 2013 18:32:50 +0000 To: joanblue1@hotmail.com

    • Hey Joan! Yes, sorry I got the CD but I forgot to write to tell you. Haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet but it looks interesting, thanks. I’m also really enjoying the rattle-bag poetry book, it’s nice to dip in and out of. I’m in Addis Ababa at a language course at the moment and it’s rainy season here so it is very wet, quite cold and muddy- it seems Ireland and Ethiopia are in a bit of a role reversal! Hope you are recovered from your fall. Talk to you soon- Aisling X

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