Home is where the heart is


I like the Ethiopians so I will forgive them for being a bit woolly on the details about Ireland.  But one subject where their knowledge cannot be excelled is football.  They are ALL about the premier league and what they don’t know about Robbie Keane, Roy Keane, Damien Duff et al isn’t worth knowing- even that infamous Thierry Henri handball!

As you can imagine, I am something of a curiosity around here and people are terribly interested in who I am, why I am here and where I come from.  Next year at work in honour of St. Patrick’s Day I have big plans to do a “Seachtain na hÉireann” with Irish films, poetry, song, photographs, art, sport etc for a bit of diversion around the University campus which is otherwise a little glum.  But this year seeing as I am just fresh off the boat, I am not prepared and so I’ll have to settle for a celebratory coffee with friends today and wearing the Patrick’s Day badge that my good friends in No. 7 New Tobaraheena gave me before I left home.

I traced this little map of Éire from my diary and stuck it up on the wall in my workplace to give me something beautiful to look at during the day.  Apart from over-estimating the size of some of the lakes and unwittingly (though perhaps wisely) almost omitting Limerick city, I think I’ve done a pretty good job 🙂


“Pleasures and palaces wheresoever I roam,

However humble, there’s no place like home.”

Happy St. Patrick’s day to all my friends and family all over the world!

Lots of love from an Irish woman in Ethiopia X


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  1. Ais 🙂 Just been catching up on your travels, I love your scripts, exciting and honest I hope you’re starting to settle in now, will you be staying there for the full two years or volunteering amongst other villages too? Happy St Patricks (I’v had a few legit replies which you may have a giggle with..) “La fheile padraig sona duit” and Go raibh maith agat for sharing your journey xxxx < never ask me to try and pronounce these with a stright face hahahaha

    • HA HA HA! Jess brilliant! The Irish house mate is definitely paying off ;D You are totally correct although I must insist on an audio recording to verify pronunciation 😀 will be here for the two years all going well. only here five weeks but going great so far, i’m enjoying most aspects of it a lot. thanks so much for the kind words about the blog and for reading. I miss you! Hope all is well with you and yours in NZ xx

  2. It’s 6am in the morn and I woke up as its bright outside !!!!! The dark winter is slowly loosening her grip over here 🙂 not often do I smile at 6am but once I read your blog I had a big smile of happiness and pride once again !!! Go on Healy you good thing xxxx

    • Ha ha! Thanks Jules! thanks for reading and glad I could brighten up a 6am start- you have returned the favour by brightening up my evening 🙂 XX miss you

    • Thanks missus! I see you also represented me at the embassy for Paddy’s day?! Thanks 😉 Wish I could have seen ye all at the conference but hopefully will c ye soon, hope ye had a good time X

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